Mission: The STEM Advisory Board mission is to support academic excellence while promoting partnerships between Alice Drive Middle School and our local community with its businesses, corporations, universities and colleges. The Board will provide guidance to improve the school’s STEM program by focusing on the issues related to STEM education and on STEM opportunities that arise for Alice Drive Middle School students.

Efren Afante 
Chief Meteorologist, WLTX



Rhonda Benenhaley
Human Resources Manager, SKF

“I have chosen to serve on the Advisory Board in hopes of being able to help educate young people on the industries that are available in their home towns. I want to help them focus on the achievements and implementing policies for all students and ensure that they are taking advantage of the opportunities that the school offers.”


Melanie Colclough
Director, Sumter County Cultural Center

“Supporting STEAM education is essential to preparing students for the workforce, as entrepreneurs and as our future leaders. Together STEAM enhances social skills, problem solving, critical thinking, flexibility, adaptability, creativity, and innovation; all skills which are crucial for successful careers in any field.”


Ladell Humphries
Machine Tool Academic Program Manager, Central Carolina Technical College

Daniel Kiernan
Senior Instructor of Biology, University of South Carolina Sumter

“I chose to serve because I believe we need additional STEM-focused programming in our schools.”


Rick Lavergne
Engineering Design Instructor, Central Carolina Technical College

“I’ve worked with the engineering club for the past two years.”



Marina Mosneaguta
STEM Lead Teacher, Alice Drive Middle School

“The STEM Advisory Board allows the team to reevaluate our STEM program at Alice Drive Middle, and to improve and expand the opportunities for our students. I hope that together we can create a vision that emphasizes student excellence while leveraging STEM integration throughout the school.”


Pavel Mosneaguta
Process Engineer, Continental Tire the Americas LLC.

“As an Advisory Board member, I want to help Alice Drive Middle develop and strengthen their STEM programs. I want to see more students exposed to STEM and excited about participating in these programs. Even if those students decide not to pursue careers in STEM fields, this extra exposure to analytical methods and critical thinking can only benefit them and the Sumter community in the future.”


Lee Pitt
Patient Transport & Communication Center Manager, Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital

“I have a vision where more of our local students are exposed to the opportunities that are available in the medical field. I want to inform them that it’s more than doctors and nurses that take care of patients and that there are thousands of jobs available.”



Jeannie Pressley
Principal, Alice Drive Middle School

“The STEM Advisory Board helps us maintain strong connections to our community. This allows us to not only spread news of the great things happening in our school, but to receive high quality feedback and support for improving our STEM program.”


Lori Smith
K12 Science, Fine Arts, Social Studies, STEM, PE and Health Coordinator, Director of AVID, Project Manager for GEAR UP, Sumter School District

“I have chosen to serve on the Alice Drive Middle School STEM Advisory Board to assist the school in their goal to provide a first class STEM education for their students.”


Elma Strong
STEM Support Specialist, Sumter School District

“I have chosen to serve on the STEM Advisory board at Alice Drive Middle because I hope to assist the school in achieving their STEM goals while developing and strengthening the school’s STEM program.”


David Tuders
Academic Program Manager, Engineering Design Technology, CCTC

Sean Tutrow
Operations Superintendent for the 50th Attack Squadron, Shaw AFB

Erika Williams
Manager, Communications and Strategic Initiatives, Sumter Economic Development

“Learners today are our leaders tomorrow. Having an opportunity to be a part of something larger, something that impacts the lives of others is exciting.”