Car Rider Procedures

Parents, we have worked diligently to make our car rider line flow as efficiently as possible. However, we have limited space and need your help to make this a success. Please follow only the directions below, and do not attempt to drop off or pick up your child from any other area. This is the only school approved drop-off and pick-up location for students. No students should be dropped-off or picked-up on the side or front of building for any reason. Safety is our top priority.

Please note that for the safety of our students, no student should be dropped off before 7:15 am. Also, the gates will be locked after students enter homeroom at 8:00 am. They will remain locked until 2:40 pm each day.


  1. Please enter from Theatre Drive to University Drive only.
  2. Make a right turn into the gate marked on the map.
  3. Drive the full loop before dropping off or picking up your children at the covered area.
  4. Please pull forward as far as possible before dropping off or picking up (this helps traffic).
  5. Please exit out of the gate using only a left turn back toward Theatre Dr.