I, David W. Fair II, was born in Pennsylvania but educated in South Carolina. I grew up with educators. My parents, grandmother, great grandmother, aunts, and cousins worked in the public schools. I always heard and believed that all children could and would learn if given the right environment with competent and encouraging teachers.
I have been in education for thirteen years and I know that our children need structure, guidance, and the will to learn. Our children can and will become productive citizens. As an educator it is my job to provide the stimuli for all to learn. Students need to know the value of having the knowledge and skills to become a success story.

Because my name is Fair, I strive to be fair and respectful in my dealings with staff, parents, and students.

Please feel free to call me at 775-0821 (extension 135) or email me at david.fair@sumterschools.net with any questions, comments, or concerns.

In it together,
David W. Fair II
Assistant Principal