Hi, My name is Rahnee Gallegos. I teach through all of the Arts; “STEAM” @ ADMS. I am a Military wife, mother of two beautiful children, & am a nurturing, patient, kind, & positive teacher. I have been teaching for over 23 rewarding years. I bring exciting experiences to the classroom. I have taught many years in the US and Europe; K-8 all subjects. In addition, Special Ed through Gifted education. I have a Bachelors in Education K-8; all subjects, , a Masters in Gifted Education, Special Ed certified & I am a National Board certified teacher. I instill a positive environment in my classroom. We work collaboratively and perform team building activities through STEAM. In addition, we enter National competitions which include STEAM. We have had past winners @ ADMS & also other winners of students I have taught in Europe and the US. As an experienced teacher, I continuously strive to be a teacher who teaches all students to learn to their fullest potential. “Every student can learn; just not on the same day or in the same way.” George Evans


Classes Taught