The safety of our students and staff is always of the utmost importance. One of the ways we keep our campus safe is by requiring students to wear their identification cards (ID’s) at all times while on campus. This helps us in multiple ways. First and foremost, it helps staff to identify any potential intruders. Furthermore, in the event of a real emergency, staff members need to be able to quickly identify all students to ensure they are safe and accounted for. ID’s are essential in this matter, since it is not possible for every staff member to know every student’s face and name.

Students will not face disciplinary action for accidentally forgetting or misplacing their ID for a day. However, we do want everyone to realize their purpose and importance. Therefore, we have set up a list of expectations to help students remember to wear their ID’s.


  1. IDs must be worn around your neck and visible outside of all clothing at all times
  2. Must have ID visible to use vending machines or the school store
  3. Must have ID visible to participate in any other “pop up incentives” (we have lots of fun activities planned throughout the year)
  4. Must have ID visible to “run errands” for a teacher (for example, taking papers to the office)
  5. If a student without an ID must use the restroom or go to the health room during class time, they must mark themselves as “no ID” on the classroom sign out sheet (they should not be going anywhere else)
  6. Students who consistently do not have their ID visible can expect additional consequences
  7. Students should not deface or mark on their ID to cover up their picture or name.

These expectations have been reviewed with all students at our school. We know that by staying consistent in our expectations for IDs we can be successful in ensuring our school remains a safe place to be. We continue to be excited for all the wonderful things the 2019-2020 school year has in store for us. We appreciate your help in making our school great.