Caleb Baker

Caleb Baker is a leader of the WeatherSTEM program at ADMS, and he is also a co-leader of STEM Tech at ADMS. At school he participates in band and is a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Caleb enjoys learning new things and volunteering to help teachers after school. When he is not in school, he enjoys playing sports and studying weather patterns. He also enjoys playing music on his trumpet, traveling with his family, and growing plants. As a STEM Ambassador, Caleb wants to inspire the next generation of STEM Ambassadors and encourage kids to have fun with STEM at school. When he grows up, Caleb would like to become a meteorologist.

Wyatt Bauer

Wyatt Bauer is a leader of the STEM Media program. At school, he participates in orchestra and is a member of the National Junior Honors Society. Wyatt enjoys learning about history and English. Wyatt’s hobbies include reading, playing video games, running and shooting. Wyatt has three sisters, two dogs, one brother and a lot of cousins. He enjoys spending time with his family. Wyatt’s goal as a STEM Ambassador is to be a positive example for his peers and younger students. He strives to encourage others and to learn more about media.

Kaden Burns

Kaden Burns is a leader of the 3-D Printing program and the co-leader of the Drone Club at ADMS. In school, Kaden participates in TechFirst (a robotics team), the National Junior Honor Society, AutoCAD, and using the 3-D printers. Some of Kaden’s hobbies include tinkering, experimenting, robotics, building things out of spare electrical parts, and learning how things work. Playing his violin in (and outside) of orchestra, cooking and playing board games are a few of Kaden’s non-STEM hobbies. Kaden’s goal as a STEM Ambassador is to lead his programs in a way that they would benefit the school and so that others can learn from them too; to learn the potential of STEM! Kaden wants to major in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as earning a degree in physics.

Derek Cabrera

Derek Cabrera is a leader of STEM Tech and a co-leader of Science Research classes. He loves being helpful and active at Alice Drive Middle School. He is in an after-school robotics program called TechFirst. At school, he enjoys being helpful, supportive, and nice to all his friends, teachers, and peers. His hobbies consist of doing fun science experiments and playing video games. He also enjoys listening to music, doing sports like taekwondo, riding his bike, making music with his instruments, salsa dancing, and caring for animals. As a STEM Ambassador, Derek wants to encourage the next generation of STEM Ambassadors by being a role model for them to look up to. Derek wants to become a physical therapist in order to help injured people be able to enjoy things that they love and to put a smile on their face.

Francisco Centeno-Velasco

Francisco Centeno-Velasco is a leader of Automation and Robotics and a co-leader of STEM Engineering Submarines at Alice Drive Middle School. At school he participates in helping represent the Automation and Robotics and likes being there for his friends when they need him. He also likes being kind and supportive to his teachers, and if he sees something out of place, he likes to fix it. His hobbies consist of doing fun automation experiments, working on cars, fixing doors, and playing video games. His non-STEM related hobbies are reading, drawing, and working on cars and machines. Francisco also likes to come up with ideas on how to fix things or make them better. He hopes to give a great representation of the school and the Automation and Robotics class. Francisco wants to make the program more interesting than it already is for students. He wants to become a mechanic and work on cars, buses, planes, jets, or anything else that has an engine. Francisco also considers becoming a Spanish teacher since he is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Aslan Duenas

Aslan Duenas is a leader of STEM engineering and a co-leader of e-Cybermission programs at ADM. A common STEM activity for him during school hours is reading, and when found without a book, he just sits and thinks. His hobbies include reading, legos, and electronics. Non-STEM hobbies are sleeping and watching television. His goal as a STEM Ambassador is to learn and understand more of STEM, and to help others. As an adult, he hopes to have a job as a chemist.

Jeshua Espiritu

Jeshua Espiritu is a leader of the Innovation Lab STEM program and a co-leader of the TechFirst program. He enjoys being active at Alice Drive Middle School. He is the president of the National Junior Honor Society, involved in an after-school robotics club called TechFirst, and is in a health program called TechFit. He loves making friends and helps tutor his peers in many subjects. Jeshua likes to fiddle with mechanics and build items to improve his lifestyle. Among those activities, he also adores staying fit by playing basketball and lifting weights, playing instruments such as the saxophone, doing community service, and creating music. Jeshua’s goal as a STEM Ambassador is to be able to inspire and help students grow. He wants to be able to leave a mark among his successors and show them that anything is possible. Jeshua aspires to become a mechanical engineer when he grows older so that he can create innovations and help his community develop.

Collin Halligan

Collin Halligan is a leader of Aeronautics and a co-leader of Automation and Robotics programs. He loves helping teachers and being active around school. He is involved in Techfit, which is a health program at ADMS that promotes physical activity in engineering. He is also a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Outside of school, Collin loves to work on and build computers. He also likes to program and design mechanisms for fun. Activities Collin likes to do outside of STEM include staying fit by working out, playing basketball, and video games. Collin’s goal as a STEM Ambassador is to be a role model for his classmates and show them what is expected of them in school. He also wants to motivate his fellow peers to do great things in their life. When Collin graduates high school he wants to pursue a future in Computer Science so he can help move our society with new and better innovations.

Gabriella Franklin

Gabriella Franklin is a leader of the Future City program at ADMS and a co-leader of Tech-Fit program as well. She enjoys being helpful and active at her school. She is the president of the Future Business Leader of America and a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Gabriella enjoys encouraging her peers to do their best and is always willing to help her teachers. Outside of school, Gabriella enjoys researching information about STEM and fixing things related to computers. More activities she loves doing are lifting weights, running, listening to music, dancing, and spending time with her friends and family. As a leader at Alice Drive Middle School, Gabriella wants to be a role model for her peers, and she wants to inspire students to do the right thing when no one is watching. She also wants students to see the benefits that STEM can do for them. Gabriella wants to become a nurse anesthetist when she grows up and help manage patients’ pain during procedures.

Alana Garrick

Alana Garrick is a leader of the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) and a co-leader of the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) program. She is a part of the National Junior Honor Society, and participates in health and technology class, called Tech-Fit. She also enjoys helping her peers, learning new things, and hanging out with her friends. Alana enjoys doing art, trying out different science experiments, and cooking outside of school. She also enjoys listening to music, playing her violin, and riding her bike around her neighborhood. Alana’s goal as a STEM Ambassador is to inspire others to enjoy STEM at ADM, and to show future generation how useful STEM can be. She also wants future generation to know that nothing is impossible. Alana aspires to be a pediatric cardiologist when she grows older.

Emily-Kate Hoshour

Emily-Kate Hoshour is a leader of the Robotics Club and a co-leader of the Innovation Lab. At Alice Drive Middle School, Emily-Kate is a part of advanced strings and the Robotics Club. She enjoys helping others understand and progress in different subjects. Emily-Kate enjoys playing video games to advance her technology skills. She also enjoys building with LEGO’s and Vex robotic kits giving her an insight to an engineer’s mind. Some hobbies that Emily-Kate does outside of school are archery, swimming, and soccer. Some accomplishments she has gained from these sports include the first place in the state for archery, being a part of the state swim team for the high school league and the high school soccer team. Emily-Kate’s goal as a STEM Ambassador is to inspire others to become a part of this program and help others learn what STEM is all about at ADM. Emily-Kate sees herself working in future as a mechanical engineer or as an architect. She wants to help others succeed in the field of their interest.

Emily Howard

Emily Howard is a leader of the Apps Creator program and a co-leader of the WeatherSTEM program. At Alice Drive Middle, Emily is a contributor to advanced band, art, and TechFit. She very much enjoys helping others with assignments and learning new things. Outside of school, Emily is often reading and learning more about STEM. She also enjoys fixing things and solving math equations. Another hobby that she has is a competition dance at DreamWorks Dance Academy, doing styles such as: ballet, jazz, tap and many more. Things that Emily likes doing include art, reading and babysitting. As a STEM leader, her goals are to encourage others to join and be involved with more programs. She wants to allow students to know what different classes there are and different things they could be interested in. Emily sees herself in future working in international teaching or medicine. She wants to help others, explore unseen things for herself, and do something she enjoys and that will keep her interested.

Henry Jimenez-Mendoza

Henry Jimenez-Mendoza is a leader of the STEM Engineering program and a co-leader of the Media program. Henry, participates in strings playing the violin and enjoys learning about engineering and building. He enjoys building things and trying to program or design different things at home. He also enjoys playing video games that can include building and engineering. Some other hobbies he enjoys are spending time with his family and friends and sometimes drawing different things at home. As a STEM Ambassador, Henry hopes to encourage other students, especially the younger ones, to participate in these STEM programs at ADM. He also wants to be able to help with other programs. Henry plans to be an architect, engineer, programmer, or video game designer. He hopes to excel in all of his classes and be a good role model for his little brother.

Adelynn Jensen

Adelynn Jensen is the leader of STEM Go Green, and the co-leader of Space and Aeronautics. She enjoys helping out her peers and teachers around the school, and being a part of the ADM Advanced Band. She contributes to her community through the National Junior Honor Society, and helps out her teachers. Outside of school, Adelynn enjoys doing science experiments with her siblings, and learning about marine life. She also loves playing music, and visiting new places. As a STEM Ambassador, Adelynn hopes to be an example for her peers, and inspire younger students to become STEM Ambassadors themselves. She also strives to get more students interested in STEM activities. When Adelynn graduates high school, she would like to begin a career in marine biology, and learn all about the ocean and marine life.

Aiden Kim

Aiden Kim is a leader of the Science Research program and a co-leader of the CS First program. In school, he strives to be efficient with technology and enjoys helping his peers in orchestra. He incorporates STEM in his life outside of school by searching for patterns in nature and writing numerical digits. Along with these hobbies, Aiden devotes his time into playing the viola and studying music. As a STEM Ambassador, he hopes to set a high standard for upcoming ambassadors and inform others about the value of STEM in education. After graduating high school, Aiden plans to attend college and graduate to become a pharmacist.

Alyse King

Alyse King is a leader of the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Gateway program and a co-leader of the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP). In school, Alyse is a part of the National Junior Honor Society and a member of a former finalist team in the Student Spacefight Experiment Program. Alyse enjoys exploring medical shows and experiments outside of school. She also spends a lot of her time riding her two horses, Woody and Dexter. She loves to discover new things on the back of her horse. Alyse is on the swim team at the YMCA and plays the violin in Alice Drive Middle’s advanced orchestra. Alyse wants to inspire students to uphold higher expectations and pursue STEM opportunities. After college, Alyse plans to become a pediatric physical therapist.

Cloey Miller 

Cloey Miller is a leader of the Drone program and a co-leader of the Go-Green program. In school, she participates in the National Junior Honor Society and a fitness and technology club called TechFit. She is very friendly and is tenacious at everything she does. Cloey includes STEM in her hobbies by recycling, studying how things impact the environment, and taking care of plants. Along with that, she loves to paint, sew, and runs a business on a second-hand clothing app. She also likes playing her clarinet, going outside, and reading. Her goal as a STEM Ambassador is to be able to influence upcoming students and help them exceed expectations set by their peers and teachers. Cloey Miller wants to become an environmental activist and a conservationist so that she can positively impact the environment around her as well help animals.

MacKenzie Pogreba

MacKenzie Pogreba is a leader of Medical Detectives and C-STEM programs, as well as a co-leader of App Creators. In school, she participates in chorus. MacKenzie’s STEM hobbies include photography and woodworking. Some non-STEM hobbies she likes to do include swimming, track, archery, four wheeling, and woodburning. Her goal as a STEM Ambassador is to be a leader and a role model to all her peers and future students. MacKenzie Pogreba’s dream STEM career is to get her doctorate degree as a Marine Veterinarian.

Breanna Sherwood

Breanna Sherwood is a leader of Tech-Fit and a co-leader of Medical Detectives. In school, Breanna participates in classes such as Medical Detectives, STEM Tech, and PLTW Gateway. Breanna is also a part of the National Junior Honor Society. Breanna enjoys playing her instrument and conducting various experiments. Activities that are non-STEM that Breanna participates in are FBLA, track, tennis and cooking. During her time as a STEM Ambassador, Breanna wants to become a better speaker, take on more leadership roles, and become a role model to those who may follow in her footsteps. She wants everyone to know that anything can be achieved if you are determined to do the work to get there. After high school Breanna wants to go to a medical school and study to become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon.

Justin Wang

Justin Wang is a leader of CS First and a co-leader of the 3D Printing Lab. At school, he is the treasurer in the National Junior Honor Society and engages in helping fellow peers with things that they need help with. STEM related things that he does outside of school include doing extra math, restoring worn down items, baking, and cooking. Justin’s non-STEM related hobbies include playing the piano and cello, bike riding, swimming, and painting. Justin’s goal as a STEM Ambassador is to be a role model and help others become more engaged and interested in STEM programs. He also wants others to become even better STEM Ambassadors with more brilliant and creative ideas for the future. Justin intends to major in mathematics and become a teacher.