January 27, 2021

Dear ADM Families:

Thank you again for your patience and resilience as we plan our return to hybrid instruction.  After monitoring the data from DHEC and consulting with our Reopening of Schools Taskforce, hybrid instruction will resume Monday, February 1, 2021. Parents still have the option for their children to remain virtual for the entire semester. Please make sure you have completed the virtual learning agreement for the second semester with your child’s school.

6th-8th Grade: Group 1 (last name beginning with A-L) will start in the building on Monday, Feb. 1st. They will attend in-person on Mondays and Thursdays.

6th-8th Grade: Group 2 (last name beginning with M-Z) will start in the building on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd. They will attend in-person on Tuesdays and Fridays.

  • Group 1 (student’s last names A-L):
    • Monday – A Day (in-person)
    • Tuesday – B day (virtual)
    • Wednesday – Asynchronous
    • Thursday – B Day (in-person)
    • Friday – A Day (virtual)
  • Group 2 (student’s last names M-Z):
    • Monday – A Day (virtual)
    • Tuesday – B day (in-person)
    • Wednesday – Asynchronous
    • Thursday – B Day (virtual)
    • Friday – A Day (in-person)

We need every student in their seat or online by the 8:00 tardy bell. Breakfast will be available at 7:30 when the school opens. We’ve allowed extra time between blocks to assure a safe/smooth transition between classes. We will move students by grade level in 5 minute intervals (we may need to be flexible with this, as well). We will also use this time for student restroom usage, which will be strictly monitored for safety and social distancing. Lunch will be provided to every student during the 3rd block. We will split classes into 1st or 2nd lunch based upon numbers. Students are allowed to bring their own lunch; however, for safety reasons, we are asking parents/grandparents not to drop off food or any other materials throughout the day. We will continue to offer support/enrichment time at the end of the daily schedule, to assist students and answer any questions from the daily lesson. Please refer to our  videos posted on our website, google classrooms, and our Facebook page. These videos contain additional detailed information to assure a safe and smooth transition.

We would like to stress to our parents and students the importance of monitoring for any COVID-19 related symptoms and to not send students to school if they are sick. Please also remain mindful of safety guidelines established by the CDC, specifically staying six feet apart, wearing masks, washing hands, and following school bus and classroom safety protocols. Students should not share supplies, masks, food, or water bottles.  In addition, high school athletics will resume Friday, January 29, and athletes will follow safety protocols as outlined in the Return to Play planning document. 

Our team will remain vigilant and monitor COVID-19 data and staff availability in our schools while enforcing safety procedures at all times. Thank you for your patience and continued support. 

Protect the Nest!

Mrs. J. Pressley, Ed.S