Welcome to Alice Drive Middle 

Nationally Accredited STEM School!


Our Vision

The vision of Alice Drive Middle School is to engage all students in a student-centered, rigorous, relevant, integrated, and vertical 6th – 8th grade STEM-based education.

Our Mission

The mission of Alice Drive Middle School is to create a culture of collaboration, global connections, and STEM-related partnerships to prepare students to be college and career ready.

STEM Theory of Action

If we fully coordinate and align our school’s policies, practices, and partners to increase student interest, participation, and achievement in STEM, expand student access to effective STEM instruction, reduce our gap in STEM access, and build community awareness and support for STEM, then we will increase the quality of STEM mindedness and overall student achievement levels.

STEM Core Competencies

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  2. Communication
  3. Collaboration and Teamwork
  4. Information Literacy
  5. Appreciation for Diversity
  6. Learning to Learn (Metacognition) 

May 30th @ 9:00 am 6th Grade Awards Program  https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/4hedjbu62zfxvnild4ltopweaye

May 30th @ 11:00 am 7th Grade Awards Program



Welcome to Alice Drive Middle School (ADMS), 

a Nationally Certified STEM School!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is hard to believe that we are half-way through the 2016-17 school year. With the second semester well underway, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few important updates with you as partners in your child’s education.

You may recall that our school was selected as one of 30 in the nation as a 2016 Teach to Lead school. As part of the process, with a variety of stakeholder feedback over the last few years through the AdvancED accreditation, a new action plan was created to strengthen our school’s nationally certified STEM program. Posted on our school’s website, it is exciting to see the “action items” being implemented and the coherence it is bringing to the STEM program. We just finished the first semester of two new STEM elective classes. “TECHFIT” (Teaching Engineering Concepts to Harness Future Innovators and Technologists) has enhanced STEM interest in students by demonstrating the impact information and technology have on our world. Secured by a $15,000 grant, the 45 participating students designed & implemented tech-based fitness games. Recently, those students competed in two teams at the annual TECHFIT competition and took home the championship for their “exergame prototype” that was created during the class. “Future City” is another new class that we were able to offer through our continued partnership with Clemson 4H. Students in this project-based learning program were able to imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future. Centered around the driving question, “How can cities of the future capitalize upon public space?,” students answered the question by building model cities and recently presented their findings in a state-wide exhibition.

Additionally, our school’s continued implementation of the One to Global Chromebooks initiative has allowed teachers to personalize learning in and beyond the classroom. We realize that communication between the home and school is critically important to your child’s academic success. Teachers are receiving ongoing training twice a month. The new platform that now hosts our school’s website allows for you to see a calendar of events for each of your child’s teachers. Teachers update their classroom website calendars every other week in addition to posting grades via PowerTeacher. ParentPortal allows you to see grades as they are entered into PowerTeacher for each of your child’s classes. While you do not need to sign up to access each of the classroom websites your child’s teachers maintain, please stop by the school to enroll & receive your personalized username and access code for ParentPortal.

Lastly, as you may be aware, the school district is in the midst of a budget crisis. Approved recommendations to address this crisis have resulted in the reorganization of district personnel, some of which directly affect our school. Ms. Tuxford and Mrs. Ormond will now be teaching science classes at another middle school. Veteran science educators who both hold the prestigious National Board Teacher Certification, Ms. Oliver (6th grade) and Mrs. Barrineau (7th) will join the science department. Mrs. Barrineau will still be available to lead in the area of curriculum. We thank Ms. Tuxford & Mrs. Ormond for their service and wish them the best in moving forward. Please know that we will work diligently hard in continuing to ensure our students receive the best instruction possible while facilitating the adjustment of affected students. As always, I want to thank you for the continued honor and privilege to serve as your principal. Your support continues to be appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

In it together,

Jeannie Pressley,

Nationally Accredited STEM School

Alice Drive Middle School is very proud that we have been recommended for AdvancED STEM Certification!   We have worked in partnership with South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics and Science and S2TEM Centers SC for the past three years. We are the 12th school in the nation to achieve this recognition and the 1st Middle School in the state to receive this honor.


Dear Parents,

At Alice Drive Middle, our first priority is to provide a safe environment for our staff and students. We are proud of our safety plan and appreciate our staff that works together to make it work.  Starting next week we will be increasing security in the front office.  The front doors will remain locked at all times. There is a monitor at the front door for you to call in. The receptionist will unlock the door for you. Our desire is a family-friendly environment but we want to ensure your child is safe at all times. Please be patient as we introduce this new device. 

We also need your assistance during the lunch schedules. Beginning January 2, 2017, if you want to bring lunch for your student, you will need to sign-in through the visitor’s computer in the office and meet the student in the cafeteria. Lunches cannot be left unattended in the front office. We’ve had an increase in the number of parents bringing in lunches for students and leaving them in the office for pick-up. Because of this increase we’ve had several incidents to occur recently. Several drinks have been knocked over near computer equipment and important paperwork. Some lunches were picked up late and others not picked up.  We realize there will be times when you need to bring something but we are asking you to please limit the times. We are fortunate to be able to offer free lunch and breakfast to all of our students. We hope your family is taking advantage of this opportunity. 

In order to sign in as a visitor and take food to a student, your name MUST be in our computer as a contact person for that student (you may also be asked to show a pictured ID.)  Once again, this is for the safety of our students.

If you have a question, please feel free to call the school at 775-0821 ext. 100.

 Thanks You,
Mrs. Pressley